Man Risks Own Life To Save Cat Trembling In Fear In the Middle of Busy Highway

A kitty trapped in the middle of a busy highway was rescued by a motorist who spotted the scared little stray.

Although it was hard to stop in the middle of the road, the motorist risked his own life by making a round trip back to the feline who was too scared to make a move.

Masz Masuri, who is from Singapore, was driving on a busy highway when he noticed the poor cat trembling in fear along the central divider. The cat was in a terrible place to be in.

“I was driving in JB with my Son towards Danga Bay (recreational park in Malaysia) when I spotted this kitty stranded along the center divider of the highway couldn’t stop immediately so I had to make a round trip again to rescue this poor baby,” Masuri said.

Fortunately for the stray cat, Masuri is an admin of Kitty Konnexion Community, a Singapore cat community Facebook page.

The kind-hearted man also knew where exactly he should take the lucky feline after rescuing it from a possible deadly fate on the road.

 The man immediately put the kitty in his car where his son was waiting. They quickly drive the feline to the vet to give him all medical attention it needed.

The scared little stray immediately took refuge under the car seat after he was brought inside the vehicle.

The kind man and his son took the cat to the vet to give him the medical attention he needed.

Although the cat is out of harm’s way, the vet discovered that it has a fractured right hind leg and a few cuts and bruises on its chest and paws.

The cat now has a name, Danga Bay. He will soon be taken into a foster home as soon as he recovers.


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