Girl Tells Dog She Loves Her. What Dog Does Next Leave Her Stunned

Dogs and humans have shared a special bond for centuries, and the old adage that a dog is man’s best friend continues to ring true.

Over and over again we hear stories of dogs that have rescued their owners through amazing acts of bravery and dogs that have stayed by their masters’ sides through thick and thin. The love they have for their humans is truly inspiring.

While we may tell our pets all the time how much we love them, it’s not often that we hear it back. However, that’s just what happened when this girl told her adorable little puppy that she loved her!

At first, she didn’t believe what she was hearing, but when she repeated that she loved her dog, the pup responded again with something that sounded remarkably like “I love you” too!

Click below to see the adorable exchange for yourself:

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  1. I love it. I have had pets all my life and believe that owners and their pets hold a special bond for each other. I’ve had small dogs to very large dogs and we all had very loving bonds for each other. Pets know when you are happy, sad or sick and they know how to made your day. Also, if you have that very special bond and your pet because very ill you will know it as I have in the past.

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